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We have developed a method of making educational films that is extremely engaging, cost effective and thorough.  Many people believe that the making of educational computer teaching tools has already been well covered.  We disagree.

We investigated the market of audio-video computer teaching aids and found it wanting.  One well-known company that has advertised widely on television, offers to give away a free sample.  We ordered the sample twice, and paid for the shipping costs.  After three months we have not received the product.  Furthermore, the format is a CD that must be placed into a computer.  Many people are reluctant to do anything with their computer in the first place. 

Microsoft Word is arguably the most commonly used computer program.  The CD that is offered on this program consists of an hour of lessons.  It is impossible to learn Microsoft Word in an hour.  We would conclude that the coverage of the subject must be extremely superficial. 

The product is expensive.  It has to be in order to pay for the television advertising.  We think that the product should be so enjoyable to use that expensive advertising is unnecessary.

The product that we are producing is a movie.  There are no exercises.  All you have to do is to watch the DVD at home.  The format consists of a dialogue between a teacher and a student.  The teacher would be a professional carefully selected to be both an expert on the subject and gifted with charisma and the ability to explain the subject clearly.  The student would be an actor who would also act as the host.

The conversation would be unscripted and there would be no special effects except in the logo introduction.  The view would shift between two camera shots of the people and the computer screen. 

DVD's can be reproduced in large quantity for about a dollar and can be mailed in a thin, unprotected envelope.  The target audience would be anyone who is interested in learning, and homeschoolers in particular.

The first series would be on computer subjects because this appears to be the greatest need.  This would include Windows, troubleshooting, and the Microsoft Office suite.   The next phase would cover a wide variety of subjects suited primarily for homeschoolers.  Finally, we would develop a free, online university that would include a medical and law school.  There will be a program that shows how to make and distribute educational videos without a large financial outlay.

The project would prove that education can be inexpensive, enjoyable, and thorough.  The student can be in charge of his or her own curriculum, with plenty of time left over for family and social life.

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