ih  "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."    -Mahatma Gandhi
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As you read through this site, you may have many questions.  You might disagree with some of the things that have been said; you might have all kind of ideas.  The discussion forum provides a place for you to share these thoughts.

If you do disagree, or if something seems unclear, please try to explain your reasoning to the group in an amicable way.  We want to know not only your opinion, but also, how you arrived at that opinion.  This discussion of our reasoning processes - as opposed to simply stating our beliefs - will facilitate an enlightening discussion.

With these thoughts in mind, please enter our discussion forum.  If you want to enter your comments, it will be necessary for you to register as a new user.  Otherwise you can visit as a guest. Simply complete the registration form to become a member. Uncheck the box at the bottom so you won't get spam.

Once you have completed the form, click on the button marked "Registration".   You will then be taken to a page advertising various email newsletters.  Simply leave the boxes unchecked, and click the "Join Now" button.  After doing so, the discussion form should appear on your screen.

The screen will be divided using frames.  On the far left, you will see topics grouped into categories.  The main headings will have blue backgrounds.  Select the general subject (bold black text against a blue background) that interests you the most, and look at the subtopics, which are underlined, and listed beneath these headings. Simply click on the subtopic to read that particular message.  You can reply to statements made by others, or you can select "Post New" (in the upper left-hand corner of the page), to begin discussing a new subject.

We respect your privacy and have no interest in your personal information. When you send letters to your government representatives, they require that you include your address to be assured that you reside in their district. Some websites ask that you register in order to have certain privileges. If you would prefer remain anonymous, you can simply use a pen name. This is common practice on the internet.

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