ih  "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."    -Mahatma Gandhi
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Freedom is the very essence of this site.  The greatest men in the world were regarded as such because they lead people to freedom.  Millions of people have died defending it.  Do we need freedom today?  You bet we do. We want to examine some of the ways that people are kept in bondage and present some practical solutions for solving these problems.

All people are different, and so, are all endowed with a variety of different talents and abilities.  Let's look at this from a production standpoint.  Due to our differences, we collectively produce a great variety of things.  One person may be able to produce certain goods of excellent quality, but may have extreme difficulty in fulfilling his other needs.  (Suppose he makes wonderful shirts, but is not a skilled maker of shoes.)  This individual will have to trade in order to get the things that he wants or needs.

At present, millions of people work for pennies a day, largely because they don't have the ability to communicate at a distance.  They make the goods, but are unable to trade them due to this lack of communication.  If we can give them this ability, we will accomplish a great victory for the cause of freedom.  We will successfully eliminate the middlemen who are sapping their profit and taking from them the means of earning a livelihood.

Let's look at another example.  In the United States, there are construction workers who are highly skilled, require no supervision, and work for a small fraction of what their 'supervisor' makes.  They earn so little that they could never save the $5000 that is needed to obtain a contractor’s license. Additionally, they must take examinations in areas for which they have no aptitude; areas that are not relevant to their duties.  This is a terrible injustice that must be corrected.

Many people, out of fear and greed, feel a need to control other people. Often, parents control their children in an inappropriate way, which results in emotional damage to the child.  People with a strong need to control others are frequently drawn into management, politics, law, or medicine.  The control motive interferes with compassion and judgment, and has a very damaging effect on our society.

Perhaps the biggest threat to freedom in the United States is the educational system.  Students are coerced into taking courses.  They are told by people who they trust and respect that the information taught in these classes will be necessary for their future success.  Years later, they will learn that many of the subjects they studied were a waste of time.  The student learns that the only way to survive is to 'play the game'.  In choosing this path, he relinquishes his fundamental values, and adopts an inefficient and distorted system as a way of life.

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