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According to the July 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, medical negligence is now the third leading cause of death in the United States.  Furthermore, nearly forty million people in the country  do not have access to healthcare.  If we reexamined the antiquated educational requirements currently needed to practice medicine, we could have a plentiful supply of creative, compassionate, and reasonably priced physicians.

A Mindful Approach: A reexamination of the current healthcare system finds that the root cause of its problems is premedical education, most of which is irrelevant.

America's Healthcare System is the Third Leading Cause of Death: The American healthcare system has failed to provide decent medical care for it's citizens. Even more astounding, medical negligence is the country's third leading cause of death.

A Theoretical Perspective:  Cults are more prevalent in our society than most people realize.  They blur our mental vision and prevent us from solving our problems.

The Problem With Healthcare Delivery: The most serious problem with the present system is that doctors frequently cannot diagnose, let alone cure, a patient's illness.

Shame: A Major Reason Why Most Medical Doctors Don't Change Their Views: How mind damage promoted by dysfunctional education impairs judgment.

Patterns of Dysfunctional Education
: A plan for functional, fast-paced, and enjoyable medical education that emphasizes student-patient interaction.

A Vision of the Future: Given the advances in modern technology, our medical system seems strikingly primitive. We must understand and control events in the body at a sub-microscopic level.

Exploring The Alternatives: Traditional medical education is rigid, non-creative, expensive, and directed toward learning information that is mostly irrelevant and obsolete.

Health-Care Reform And Medical Education: By today's standards, the educational process of becoming a physician is extremely arduous and expensive, taking twelve or more years, and costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Money And Appearances In Health-Care Reform: True healthcare reform will require fundamental changes of ideology, and cannot be achieved by simply spending more money.

A Specific Plan For Medical Education Reform: We must eliminate rigid institutional curriculums, and emphasize preventive medicine, outpatient treatment, and functional medicine.  The internet and an apprenticeship program would be major parts of this.

Health-Care Reform In Medical Research: Research could take place in school laboratories, which could be linked to scientists across the world via video-conferencing technology.

Patient-Centered Learning Vs. Institutional Learning: The non-institutional, patient-centered educational plan would produce an abundant supply of compassionate, innovative, prevention-oriented doctors at an extremely low cost.

Frequently Asked Questions: Part one    Part two   Part three   Part four

You Can Change the System: Concrete, cost free steps that you can take to change the healthcare system.


Most health-care activists present proposals for universal coverage, submitting a long list of services that they desire everyone to have access to, and then suggesting various sources of money to pay for these programs.  The financing, for the most part, involves taking money from one group's pockets, and giving it to another.  Plans following this general model have been tried unsuccessfully in many countries throughout the world.  Their results have been far from satisfactory.  We propose a solution that costs no money, and will provide everyone - regardless of socio-economic status - access to greatly improved healthcare.

Medical Reform: Many healthcare reform efforts are at an impasse. Here's why.

The Formula: A specific plan for medical reform, which costs no money, but is guaranteed to save the public millions.

Forum: Instructions for how to access and post to our discussion forum. Please feel free to share both your comments pertaining to this site, and your opinions regarding healthcare reform in general.

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