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April 16, 2003
We have a new web site called www.edflix.org.  Our first priority is to create videos that teach other people how to make videos, and we have now placed a number of downloadable movies on the site that do this.  The first program, called Hypercam, records your voice as well as whatever is displayed on your computer screen.  This allows you to easily make movies about using computers and software.  The second program featured is Windows Movie Maker, which is an easy-to use movie editing tool.  Making movies is fun.  Download our teaching films and see for yourself.  

February 19, 2003
We have taken on a new project - the production of educational DVDs.  One of the conclusions of our studies is that the vast majority of people learn much faster from sights and sounds than they do from the printed word.  Furthermore, educational institutions, with their rigidity, expense, and enormous drain on time and energy serve as a bottleneck in individual and social progress.  If we can develop a rapid, painless, and cheap method of learning, then this would serve as an alternative, in conjunction with discussion groups and other social networks.  We have done just that, explained more fully in our film section.

January 15, 2002
We have a new site up: www.educationreformbooks.net.   The site summarizes the best educational reform books available.  The data we have compiled that delineate the root causes of social dysfunction is now awesome.  We believe that the quickest and most effective way to publicize our conclusions is through a fictional screenplay based on real facts.   We are currently interviewing consultants and screen writers.  There are two new pages of which we are especially proud, on different subjects but clearly interrelated: Deaths and Different Teacher.

December 17, 2001
Health-care-reform.net is now number one in ranking for the keyword "health care reform" in Yahoo, Google, and LookSmart.  The site is indexed in the major directories as are the rest of our sites.  This was accomplished without any manipulation or trickery of any kind and is based on number of hits and links to the site.  This is a major achievement and leads us to believe that the public is taking our proposals seriously, and that eventually they will be adapted.  We have greatly expanded our staff who are busy doing research to augment our sites further.  We have additional openings.

December 9, 2001
We have added a new web site on terrorism, which is reasonably complete, and have just begun a site on happiness.

November 23, 2001
The Campaign Finance site has been rewritten incorporating many suggestions from readers and members.  Seven FAQ pages have been added to various sites.  Our writing staff is growing and we have an internship program at over 1000 college campuses nationwide for web site contributions and mindful activist consultants.

September 8, 2001
Greatly expanded and rewrote sections on Education Reform and
School Reform.

August 14, 2001
One of the problems with a site this large and varied is that it is difficult to index in the search directories.  It was decided to create a number of smaller sites, each covering a separate topic.  These are discussed in more detail in the directory of this site.

June 26, 2001
I did a number of searches using various key words.  The most interesting one was simply the word: "Reform."   In the Google search engine there were almost five million entries under that key word.  The first thing that came up was the (political) reform party.  I read their sites very carefully, and then wrote a
in response which captures the essence of what I believe to be true political reform.

June 17, 2001  
There has been a pickup in activity in the discussion forum.   People are asking a lot of good questions, all of which are being responded to.  The questions have prompted the addition of four new pages in our health-care reform section beginning with FAQs.

May 18, 2001
We have linked to the discussion forum services of Delphi.com.  Their software and community oriented program will add more versatility and features. 

April 4, 2001

We have added a discussion web to make our site more interactive.  It is intended that this site reflect a pooling of ideas from many sources.

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